Artist: Pizzicato Five
Track Name: "Baby Love Child"
Played: 467 times
Artist: Watanabe Toshiyuki
Track Name: "The Rock that Lived"
Played: 139 times
Artist: Tokyo Jihen
Track Name: "Himitsu"
Played: 199 times
Artist: Lions
Track Name: "King in the Casket"
Played: 149 times
Artist: capsule
Track Name: "Plastic Girl (ft. EeL)"
Played: 1243 times
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Track Name: "The Chain"
Played: 8523 times
Artist: Shiina Ringo
Track Name: "Rinne Highlight"
Played: 683 times
Artist: Tokyo Jihen
Track Name: "Koi wa Maboroshi (Get it Up for Love)"
Played: 399 times
Artist: the band apart
Track Name: "1000 Light Years"
Played: 109 times
Track Name: "Inspire of Life"
Played: 29 times